If you want to get fucked in the ass bid for a World Cup, Blatter tells gay fans

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FIFA’s Sepp Blatter has responded to criticism of the anti-gay stance taken by 2022 World Cup venue Qatar by telling gay fans that if they really want to get fucked in the ass, they should try bidding for a World Cup.

Blatter told a press conference in which Qatar’s gay rights record was questioned that gay fans should “refrain from any sexual activities” during the tournament.

However he went on to clarify that if gay fans were really desperate to get rogered, perhaps they’d like to spend millions trying to convince him to do something he never had any intention of doing in the first place.

“We’re not anti-fucking, I’d like to make that clear right now,” Blatter told reporters.

“But we obviously want to try and adhere to local customs, which means we will do our best to ensure that all ass-fucking throughout the tournament will be financial in nature.”

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Qatar World Cup Gay Rights

FIFA have come in for much criticism for awarding a World Cup to a nation with such a poor track record in human-rights, but insisted they don’t hold the past against bidding countries.

Blatter continued, “Just because a country has a horrendous past on human rights doesn’t preclude them hosting the tournament.  Look at Germany 2006 for example.”

“We feel confident that Qatar will do everything in its power to make any gays brave enough to actually go to the tournament, perfectly welcome.”

“And let me tell you, when a Qatari wants to make you comfortable, boy, they reaaally know how to make you comfortable.  You know what I’m sayin’? It’s twelve years away, but already they’ve made me comfortable beyond my wildest dreams.”

“I would tell all gay supporters to come to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, because those of them that manage to avoid being stoned to death in public will have an adventure they’ll never forget.”

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