No-one notices as Twitter is flooded with drivel by Gawker hackers

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An attack on online gossip site Gawker that led to thousands of tweets containing rubbish that no-one is interested in, went completely unnoticed by users who were too busy sending tweets which contained rubbish that no-one is interested in.

Hackers accessed usernames and passwords of  1.3 million Gawker Media users yesterday, leading to a deluge of Twitter drivel that was completely ignored by absolutely everyone.

“It’s the first I’ve heard about it,” revealed one user of the popular social networking site.

“I did notice some tweets about someone’s cat doing a cute thing with a pair of socks, another one about their favourite flavour of crisps, and there were about 3,000 about losing weight by going on an Acai Berry diet or something.”

“It was just the usual sort of inane nonsense really, nothing out of the ordinary.”

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Gawker hacked

Technology expert Timothy Williams explained, “Never has so much spam, by so few hackers, been completely ignored by so many.”

“I’m not saying the Gawker attack was completely pointless, but it’s very much like someone breaking into a sewerage works and then laughing because they successfully threw a turd into the cesspit.”

“You know what would have made everyone take notice? If they’d flooded Twitter with interesting opinions and useful information.  That could have rocked the user-base to its very foundations.”

Twitter security spokesperson said the attack on the micro-blogging site appeared to be related to the theft of Gawker’s account details.

“I think it says much about our security processes that 1.3 million accounts have been hacked and nobody even noticed.  If anything, I think there have been fewer links to crap on the Internet than normal.”

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