BBC accuses Jeremy Hunt of right-wing bias

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The BBC has this morning accused Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt of “persistent right-wing bias.”

Even though he has never made his voting intentions public, BBC staff have long suspected that the Culture Secretary is a Conservative supporter.

“We are pretty sure that in the privacy of a polling booth, Jeremy Hunt would cast his vote for a right-wing party – probably the Conservatives,” a BBC spokeswoman said.

“It’s worrying that such an important member of the government in such an influential position should have such pronounced political opinions.”

Jeremy Hunt and the BBC were recently at the centre of a controversy when his surname was mispronounced as “c**t” on the Today programme. It also happened later the same day, apparently accidentally, thanks to Andrew Marr.

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A Government spokesman said, “When it’s pronounced correctly, the name Jeremy Hunt is respected throughout the world and such accusations of him being right-wing do a great disservice to the BBC.”

Jeremy Hunt BBC bias

However, the BBC was at pains to praise a lot of Jeremy Hunt’s output saying that, despite his right-of-centre sensibilities, he’s managed to make some decisions that were “half-sensible” and not all “mad, bad or dangerous.”

This echoes clashes between the corporation and the government during the 80s when the BBC believed there was a culture of right-wing bias at the heart of the Thatcher government.

The spokeswoman continued, “There’s no doubt in my mind that a good number of that Conservative government would have voted Conservative if they’d had the chance.”

When asked if there were any bias at the BBC, the Director-General slapped his copy of Marxism Today down on the table, stroked his goatee beard, looked up at his portrait of Lenin on the wall and said, “Niet.”