Westminster thugs rampage through parliament square and raise student fees to £9000

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Westminster was once again the scene of noisy protests and shameful behaviour yesterday evening, as a large number of parliamentary thugs voted to raise student fees to up to £9000 a year.

Confrontations threatened to turn violent as shouting and jeering on both sides of the argument escalated during the afternoon.

One witness told us, “There was a nasty atmosphere in there. Sure, it’s an emotive issue, but there were some in there determined to get their way and they didn’t care who they had to trample to make it so.”

After several hour of threatening confrontations, MPs left the chamber to vote 323 to 302 in favour of raising tuition fees to £9000.

One MP said, “We would ask that the public don’t judge all MPs by the behaviour of 323 that voted for this rise – not all of us were willing to ride roughshod over the poorer students trying to get an education.”

“Some of us made a peaceful protest against the measures, but clearly they were ineffective.  Perhaps we should have set fire to some stuff?”

Student Fee Protests

Student organisations have criticised the decision, claiming it will have a significant effect on the number of students choosing to spend four years religiously watching Jeremy Kyle and Cash in the Attic.

Meanwhile, outside parliament some students also had their say, culminating in a pot of paint being thrown at the car carrying Prince Charles and Camilla.

One police officer said, “It was reckless behaviour, and extremely unsafe for all concerned.”

“She might have been spooked, and if she’d reared up she might have seriously hurt someone.”