Burma and North Korea make late bid to co-host next World War

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Sources have confirmed that North Korea and Burma have emerged as late contenders to co-host the next World War.

The bold joint bid to stage WWIII is said to have gone down well with the Axis of Evil committee who were impressed with their presentation, nuclear fusion capabilities and planned fan zones.

The committee were said to be particularly enamoured of the bid’s cuddly tiger mascot ‘Pang’, who features on the logo playing keepy-uppy with President Obama’s head.

The biggest concern over the bid had been Burma’s lack of nuclear bunker facilities but it now transpires the Burmese team have been working tirelessly to meet the criteria set out by the committee with the help of 300 highly trained North Korean nuclear fusion specialists.

World War Three

The news of the joint bid comes as a blow to Iran who were thought to be leading the betting with all leading bookmakers.

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It could be the final straw for the Iranian team who only recently got back on track after controversially bribing Axis delegates with less than the statutory number of uranium rods.

Bookies have now made the Burmese and North Korean bid favourite despite the abject failure of previous co-hosts Germany and Japan.

In a statement issued by a Burmese spokesperson, the military junta sought to allay any fears, “Comparisons to the last World War are extremely unfair.”

“Technology has advanced immeasurably in the last 70 years so any concerns people may have regarding our ability to host a colourful and memorable World War are ultimately unfounded.”

“Together we can deliver a spectacular event, the likes of which will never be seen again.”

The winners will be announced suddenly in a blaze of publicity and death at a date to be confirmed.

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