Strange orange ball spotted in UK skies

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Thousands of people throughout the country have reported seeing an unusual orange sphere appear briefly in the skies above the UK yesterday.

The iridescent ball was seen across the length and breadth of the country for a 30 minute period on Wednesday lunchtime.

Geoff Morris, a traffic warden in Coventry, says the bizarre phenomenon brought the city to a standstill.

“People were simply stopped dead in their tracks. It was a round yellowy-orange thing, and it lit up the whole sky. It was like a Sci-Fi movie – everyone just stood still and pointed at it.”

“It was only there half an hour or so, and it didn’t move or anything. Well, maybe a couple of degrees to the West. It just seemed to hover there, glowing.”

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Orange ball in the sky

As concerned citizens continued to flood police stations and Ministry of Defence outposts with reports of further sightings, the Meteorological Office was forced to issue a statement.

A spokesman said “We understand people’s concern but even in this modern age these kind of inexplicable spectacles can still occur.”

“This particular phenomenon is apparently unknown in recent times, but there will be a rational explanation, and we’re working hard to find it.”

Desperate for solutions, investigators have been seeking out Britain’s oldest citizens to see if they can shed any light on the occurrence.

Ada Minnie, 103, of Eastbourne told us “When I was a girl, I actually remember a day when it was warm enough for people to sit on the beach for several hours, and a similar yellow ball appeared then.”

“But everyone turned red and blotchy soon afterwards, and I’ve never seen it again since. Bit chilly isn’t it? Would you like a cup of tea? I’m 103 you know.”