What sort of tax rebate will I get for clearing the roads, public asks government

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Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has suggested that the public should help clear roads of snow and ice, prompting tax payers everywhere to ask for details of the tax rebate they can expect for doing the government’s job.

Hammond told reporters that the public should feel free to clear roads that the council hasn’t got round to, and if they want to don a high visibility jacket whilst doing so that would be fine too.

“This sounds interesting,” said tax payer John Matthews “I can’t get to work due to the snow, which means I don’t get paid, so a rebate for doing the council’s job for them might come in handy.”

“I guess what I’m most keen to understand is will I be paid an hourly rate, a rate based on how much road I clear, or just a fixed amount for chipping in?”

Gritting roads

Members of the public have been baffled by the call for volunteers to do a job they are currently paying for through their council tax.

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Shane Williams told us, “No, I won’t be helping, I will instead be using my time to phone the council every five minutes to ask when they plan to reach my road with a gritter.”

“Yes, it’s a bit annoying for them, but where is the incentive for public services to do things more efficiently if we all pick up the slack when they can’t cope?”

“It’s like helping a child with a simple task – sure, you could just go and do it for them, but then how do they learn?”

“I’m being lazy to be kind, in the long run.  Unless you’re going to pay me, in which case I’ll be right out with a shovel.”

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