Read nothing into the fact I’ve hired Max Clifford, says honeymoon murder husband

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After being arrested for the murder of his new wife, Shrien Dewani has asked people not to read anything into his hiring of Max Clifford, insisting that attempting to make things play out well in the press is part of the normal grieving process.

South African authorities asked for his arrest after allegations in a Cape Town court that Anni Dewani was murdered by a taxi driver paid in cash to do so by Mr Dewani.

Before the allegations surfaced, Mr Dewani procured the services of grief counsellor and amateur defence lawyer Max Clifford to prove his innocence against any allegations that might possibly have been forthcoming.

Mr Dewani told a close friend, “I saw how well Jack Tweed has done since the death of Jade Goody, and thought ‘that’s the sort of recovery from losing a new wife that I’m hoping to have’.”

“So I figured I should ask Max Clifford to help me get over my loss in much the same way. Plus I’ve never been to Funky Buddha, you see.”

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“Helping people get over the murder of a new spouse is just one of the many services offered by Max Clifford’s agency. I’m surprised more people don’t use him to be honest.”

South African Honeymoon Murder

Pschologists have suggested that grief can affect people in different ways, and hiring Max Clifford could be just one of the many ways in which someone can display signs they are losing their mind.

Dr David Williams told us, “A lot of people, when a spouse is murdered – especially a brand new one – grieve so heavily they cease to function, we should congratulation Mr Dewani for having the presecence of mind to worry about how this will all play out in the press.”

“It’s a natural reaction, as the grief makes you ask questions like, ‘did they suffer?’ ‘Will I ever love someone like that again?’ and ‘How many column inches will I get?'”

The public have reacted with surprise to Max Clifford’s involvement, with Sheila Davis telling us, “I heard the allegations, but simply assumed the taxi driver was offered a ‘deal’ by the local authorities to claim he was paid by the husband so that Cape Town doesn’t quite seem like random murder capital it actually is.”

“What? He got Max Clifford to represent him before any charges were brought? Oh, yeah, he definitely did it then.”

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