Half of all NHS Trusts performing at ‘below average’ levels

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Despite record levels of investment, precisely half of all NHS trusts are currently performing to a ‘below average’ standard, according to the latest figures.

A report by a leading expert shows that of the 147 trusts in the survey, exactly 50 percent evidenced higher death rates and poorer levels of care than the other half.

Despite massive increases to the NHS budget, these disparities have shown no signs of changing over the last 10 years.

A former NHS patient told us, “Sure, the actual hospitals which are now below average might have changed, but there is still the same number of below average ones.”

“What’s the point of all this spending if we just swap one below-average hospital for another one?”

NHS Trusts under-performing

Janet Pentonville-Watson of the Department of Important Research, which was responsible for the paper, commented, ‘This is further evidence of the postcode lottery in this country’s health-care system.”

“The fact that someone can walk into a hospital in one county and expect to receive worse rates of care than in a completely different county with a totally different demographic and set of needs just goes to show that this government doesn’t have a clue about delivering public services.”

“It doesn’t take a degree in statistics like the one I very nearly got to see how unfair this is.’

Hugh Davies of the Patients’ Association added, “This is middle England, not some third world country. We pay our taxes, and we all have a right to above average care.”

The coalition immediately distanced itself from the report, blaming the discrepancy on the failed policies of the last government.

“It is plainly unacceptable that some people should have to put up with such blatant disparities. These are hard working men and women who are being failed by the system,” stated a spokesperson.

“It is our target that at least 75 percent of the country should receive above average health-care by the end of this parliament. The fact that they do not already is yet another result of 13 years of Labour’s bureaucracy and waste.”