Woman who is not a cricket match infinitely more interesting than cricket match

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A Twitter user called @theashes who was inundated by thousands of tweets from followers of The Ashes, has proven to be infinitely more interesting than a seemingly perpetual cricket match between England and Australia.

Ashley Kerekes from Massachusetts is blessed by knowing nothing at all about cricket, but has received scores of tweets about the Ashes contest between Australia and England, mainly from bored Twitter users who simply could not watch another second of tedious ‘sporting entertainment’.

Kerekes, who tweeted that “I am not a cricket match!” has since become significantly more interesting than anything seen at the Gabba over the last five days.

Twitter user Simon Ellis told us, “She hasn’t taken a drinks break, and from what I can see she isn’t incessantly running backwards and forward, backwards and forwards, over the same strip of dusty grass.”

“She also isn’t repeatedly throwing a ball in the general direction of three small sticks, without ever being in danger of hitting them. So yes, she’s more interesting than the cricket.”

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The Ashes

There has been criticism of the first Ashes test, which descended into an experiment to see what would break first, the scoreboard, or the spirit anyone unfortunate enough to be watching.

Cricket fans have been urged to follow @theashes during the second test, as she is promising a riveting trip to the supermarket, and significant details of her sandwich preferences and bowel movements.

Cricket commentator David Lloyd said, “Look, what you have to remember is that this was a battle between two of the top teams in the… Oh God, who am I kidding.  It was rubbish.”

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