There’s nothing sexy about a teenage Latino girl in a skin-tight black outfit, insists writer of Spider-Girl

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The writer of new comic series Spider-Girl has insisted he does not portray her in a ‘sexualised’ way, despite the character being a teenage Latino girl in a skin-tight black outfit, doing battle with female super villains also dressed in colourful skin-tight outfits.

Spider-Girl writer 44 year old Paul Tobin, who has also set up a twitter page where he pretends to be the 16 year-old female super hero, has revealed that he hopes the character will provide a positive image that female comic book fans can relate to.

He told reporters, “I’m hoping that the character, and the new Twitter account, will appeal to a growing number of young female comic book readers.”

“Of course if any of these young girls want to contact me to discuss this in any more detail than they are more than welcome.”

“It’s important for the story’s development that my.. I mean her Twitter followers can talk to me like I’m a sixteen year old girl, talking about things 16 year-old girls talk about.”

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“If they don’t want the conversation to be public they can always DM me, I always read those messages first anyway.”

“No, I’m not any ‘register’ – why do you ask?”

Spider-Girl launched

Martin Averre who runs four comic book shops across the UK, has welcomed the new character and claims that there is “definitely space in the market” for a teenage Latino girl in a skin-tight black outfit.

“Many comics still draw women with incredibly large heaving breasts that struggle to remain within their skimpy tight outfits as they carry out their heroic duties that might involve their costumes getting soaked right through as they….”

“Erm…..sorry, what was the question again?”