Passive smoking affects hearing, what do you think?

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Following research that found smoking can affect your hearing, experts now believe passive smoking can also have a detrimental effect on your hearing ability.

The latest study in the journal Tobacco Control, involving more than 3,000 US adults, showed that hearing levels were lower in those people regularly exposed to second-hand smoke.

We sent our reporters out on to the streets to find out what you thought about smoking making you deaf.

Woman on the Street“That’s bullshit, I smoke twenty a day, and I’ve never wanted to be a ref.”

Mitchell Southern, Smoker

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Man on the Street“Ive been saying for years that smoking makes my husband stink, and he just ignores me.  I suppose this explains it.”

Janice Williams, Non-smoker

Man on the Street“Hang on, so you’re telling me I can look cool AND stop hearing my wife moan? Sign me up!”

Dave Dickinson, Prospective smoker

Woman on the Street

“When are they going to stop with all this negative research? When will they conduct a study that proves how much cooler I am than all those cheap-ass non-smokers?”

Deirdre Matthews, Stripper