Severe weather in Cornwall causing disruption to royal wedding coverage

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Experts have warned that severe weather in Cornwall, including high winds and flooding, will cause major disruptions to the news coverage of the royal wedding.

Dozens of people trapped in cars and homes in parts of Cornwall during heavy rain and gale-force winds has meant that many experts have been unable to have their unique opinion on the royal engagement broadcast to the entire country.

Speaking to us a short while ago, Royal correspondent Geoffrey Winkleman explained, “I had a ten minute segment lined up about Kate’s dress, and the decision she faces in choosing someone to make it for her.  Then they cut to some old bag being helped out of her house through waist deep flood water.”

“Sure, we’re talking about hundreds of people, and entire communities left stranded, but what we really need to talk about are the possible dates for William and Kate to get married.”

“The flood water isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, so let’s focus on the important stuff and go back to Cornwall next week some time.”

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Royal Wedding Coverage disrupted

It is expected that disruption to the royal wedding coverage could last for several days, with some experts speculating that full-time endless coverage might not return to normal until the end of the month.

Sky news presenter Kay Burley explained, “We’ve found that one way of limiting the disruption of our royal wedding coverage, is to ask those made homeless by the flood what they think of the royal engagement.”

“Just a few minutes ago we asked a man whose house, business, and in fact entire livelihood had been ruined by flood water, just what he thought about William giving Kate his mother’s ring.”

“His response made for great television, in fact he’s still crying now, and hasn’t managed to utter a single word.”

“That’s the impact this engagement has had on ordinary people, and that’s why we’ll keep finding new and innovative ways of telling you all about it.”