That’s great, but do we get a day off, ask potential Royal wedding fans

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Millions of UK workers have said they will reserve judgement on the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton until they know if they will be getting an extra day off work, or not.

The Royal household announced the engagement this morning, telling reporters that the ceremony will take place in spring or summer 2011, depending on how long it takes them to save up and pay for such an obviously expensive wedding.

Potential royal wedding supporter Graham Williams told us, “I’m pleased for them, I suppose – but what I really need to know is whether this means I don’t have to go into work on the day they get married. That would definitely make me more pleased for them.”

“Under those circumstances I would go so far as to say I’d be delighted for them, and that there might be bunting hung in celebration.  If I get a day off. If.”

“If I have to go to work, or if they do it on a Saturday, then I’ll treat it like my cousin Jean’s wedding – a shit party for people I really don’t like very much.”

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Royal Wedding

There have been calls for an early announcement on any potential public holiday, in order to allow people to form a complete opinion on the royal engagement.

London resident Mike Chance told us, “I’m not sure how I can be expected to articulate my feelings on the matter until I’m aware of all the facts.  This is a bit like being told it’s your bosses birthday, but not knowing if you’re invited to the party yet.”

“As soon as I know what’s in it for me, I’ll tell you whether I approve or not.”

Engaged couple Trevor and Julie said they sympathise with the newly engaged couple, explaining the hardships they undoudtedly face in trying to pay for a wedding when money is so tight.

“We’ve been engaged for three years already,” said Julie. “Everything is just so expensive, and obviously everyone is struggling financially right now.”

“I think the only way to have a wedding at the moment is to get someone else to pay for it, I only hope they have better luck with that than we did.”

“Argos do a great wedding list service too, if they’re interested.”

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