Amazon urged to withdraw ’50 Quick Meals For Busy Paedophiles’

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Online bookstore Amazon has been urged to remove from sale a book which shows paedophiles how to spend less time cooking, and more time grooming your vulnerable children.

The book entitled ’50 Quick Meals For Busy Paedophiles’, has been blamed by concerned parents for increasing paedophile activity during a number of key meal times throughout the day.

Parent of three Graham Wheatley said, “The last thing we need is paedophiles spending less time preparing their food.”

“If anything we need them cooking everything from scratch, and preferably having sourced the ingrediants from several stores, each one miles away from the nearest playground.”

“Why can’t someone write a book called, ’50 time-consuming meals for idle paedophiles’? I wouldn’t have a problem with that one to be honest.”

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Amazon paedophile protest

The book comes hot on the heels of author Philip R Greaves II’s previous best-seller, ‘100 Days To The Beach Body You Deserve – Terrorist Edition’.

Greaves told reporters, “I don’t see what the problem is, child molesters need to eat too, and they have busy schedules.  You think it’s easy convincing a twelve year-old boy to meet you in the park after school?”

“It takes time and dedication, things you don’t have when you’re being incredibly inefficient in the kitchen.”

“Anyway, I’m not that fussed, if they ban it I’ll just rename it ‘Priests Feats’ and put it in the Religion section.”

Amazon has defended the book, claiming that it does not promote criminal acts, insisting that Paedo cookery is misunderstood, describing it as “a bit like nouvelle cuisine, but with ingredients that begin with the word ‘baby’.”

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