N-Dubz encouraged to make next album completely silent

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After news that the Royal British Legion’s entirely silent two minute record looks set to beat Take That to number one, music fans everywhere have encouraged N-Dubz to guarantee their own Christmas chart success by making their next album completely silent.

The Royal British Legion’s song, called 2 Minute Silence, features silent celebrities such as David Tennant and Jimmy, and has provided the perfect inspiration for N-Dubz to finally release an album that most people would want to listen to.

Music fan Liam Morris told us, “They could call it avant-garde, experimental, whatever they like, so long as none of them opens their mouths or touches an instrument at any point in the recording.”

“I think 45 minutes to an hour would be about the right length, and could see N-Dubz gain a whole new untapped audience.”

“I’m thinking the video for their Christmas single could be them sat in a dark room with all the lights off.  Or maybe the girl one in a bikini, I could live with that.”

Silent Single

Supporters of the Royal British Legion are already suggesting that this weekend’s X Factor could be improved tenfold if each of the remaining contestants were to cover 2 minute silence.

“They could put Wagner in a chair and let him rock backwards and forwards for a couple of minutes.  It would be much more befitting of someone his age.”

The last word went to potential N-Dubz fan Troy Davies, who said, “I like Dappy, and to be fair the only things wrong with him are everything he wears, everything he does and everything he says.  Apart from that he’s just about the perfect pop star.”