Anne Widdecome refusing to leave Strictly, what do you think?

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Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe says she will not voluntarily bow out of TV show Strictly Come Dancing, despite being clearly the worst dancer of the remaining contestants.

Miss Widdecombe said leaving “would be a slap in the face for the public, they are deciding who goes through and who does not go through.”

Despite being ranked the lowest by the judges, she has been save by the public vote in scenes reminiscent of John Sargeant’s performances last year.

We sent our reporters out onto the street to find out what you thought about Anne Widdecombe being seemingly oblivious her dancing faults.

Woman on the Street“I guess they’ll have to drag her out of the studio kicking and screaming, which I suppose most people might mistake for her Pasadoble.”

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Janet Street, Choreographer

Man on the Street“Someone needs to explain to her that this is not an election, they are voting to keep whoever is making the biggest tit of themselves on a Saturday night.”

Mike Jones, Tit

Man on the Street“I like her. There is nothing sexier than seeing a grown woman being dragged around the floor for my entertainment.”

John Davis, TV Reviewer

Woman on the Street“Look, as a religious woman herself, I’m sure that if Jesus wanted her to keep making an idiot of herself in front of millions of people, then that’s what she’ll do. I blame Jesus.”

Sheila Jenkins, Organist

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