Queen already pestering her subjects for Farmville assistance

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Just days after opening her Facebook account, the Queen is already said to be pestering her millions of subjects for help growing a virtual farm that absolutely nobody cares about.

The Monarchy Facebook page was meant to be a new way of communicating with the country, but has merely provded a gateway to the addictive underbelly of the world’s most popular social networking site.

A Buckingham Palace insider told us, “It started off as a bit of fun, the Queen said, ‘Oh, I have some real farms, this should be a laugh’.”

“Before we knew it she was waking up the staff at all hours insisting they help her build a virtual barn because she had to have it right that second.”

“What could we do? We’ve all tried defriending her, but she’s the Queen, I think she can still technically have us beheaded – which she actually threatened to do if I didn’t help her sell some non-existent bushels to her made-up neighbouring farms.”

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Monarchy Facebook page

Royal family observers are already suggesting that the Queen has gone too far with her incessant poking of Royal households around the world.

Reginald Rotherhithe of the The Royal Correspondent said, “I heard that King Juan Carlos of Spain found it all highly amusing, but Emporer Akihito of Japan is frankly fed up of having his news feed filled with the Queen’s horoscopes and spammy quizzes she’s taken to determine how sexy she it.”

“Plus she keeps tagging people in embarrassing photos.  She’s becoming something of a pest, unfortunately.”

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