Current affairs grind to a halt in support of BBC strike

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Current affairs around the world have this morning stopped what they were doing in a show of support for striking BBC journalists.

The 48 hour strike in reaction to changes to the BBC pension plan was set to see the corporation deliver a lack of coverage of major global events, before those events agreed to hold back a bit.

Ageing and seriously-ill celebrities have agreed to hold on a little while longer, Boris Johnson has agreed to keep his mouth shut, and most natural disasters have agreed to down tools until the strike is over – apart from Mount Merapi volcano.

A striking journalist on the BBC picket line explained, “Everyone knows Mount Merapi volcano is a scab.  It deliberately erupted today because it thinks the coverage we could offer is unimportant.  Well in your face Merapi!”

BBC Strike

A spokesperson for the National Union of Journalists told us, “We know for a fact there is some pretty significant stuff just waiting to happen, but they all felt the need to act in solidarity with the BBC.”

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“Except for that bloody volcano.  And that Hurricane off the coast of Haiti.  And the worlds biggest flying pressurised tube deciding to become a deathtrap.”

“Oh, and RBS – but then no-one expected them to stop losing money, even just for 48 hours.”

“Yes, apart from that, nothing is happening anywhere.”

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