Police marksman insists victim did indeed ‘blame it on the boogie’

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A police marksman suspended for allegedly using song lyrics whilst giving evidence during the inquiry into the death of lawyer Mark Saunders, has insisted that he did in fact hear Mr Saunders blame the entire episode on ‘the boogie’.

The police marksman, known only as AZ8, was reprimanded during the inquest at Westminster Coroner’s Court when he gave evidence that he was asked by the deceased if this really was the way to Amarillo.

AZ8 told investigators, “Mr Saunders went on to say Don’t Stand So Close to Me before complimenting me on my Poker Face.”

“I asked the deceased to lower his weapon, but he merely told me he wanted to Live Forever but I told him That Don’t Impress Me Much – then he started demanding something to drink.  I asked if he wanted Ice Ice Baby.”

“He got a little agitated and I told him Don’t Look Back in Anger, and that’s when he told me I was Pretty Fly For a White Guy.”

“That’s how it happened, I Swear.  On my Chocolate Salty Balls.”

Police Marksman Song Lyrics

The incident came to a head on 6th May 2008 when Mr Saunders, who was holding a shotgun out of a window, was shot by police marksmen for posing a risk to public safety.

AZ8 continued, “I knew the end was close as there was A Little Less Conversation, then he stood up and shouted Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

“I remember the first shot, it went Mmmm Bop. It had been going on for a while, so to be honest I was Glad All Over.”

“Oh, and I Kissed a Girl – that’s not really relevant, but I get extra points for squeezing that one in there.”