Men attempt to perfect disappointed face as women struggle to get Take That tickets

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Men everywhere have spent the morning looking into the mirror trying to perfect a convincing ‘disappointed face’ in the event their partners fail to acquire tickets for the Take That concerts scheduled for next year.

Phonelines are jammed and ticket websites have crashed under the weight of thousands of over-excited women as they spend the morning clicking refresh, hitting redial and repeating the words ‘come on, come on,’ over and over and over.

“Seriously, I’ve been at it since 7 this morning,” said a worried Richard Morris. “If she doesn’t get tickets and I don’t get my disappointed face right then that’s me sleeping in the shed for the forseeable future.”

“How does this look? Is this convincing?”

“Do you think I should add a big sigh, or would that be too much?

Take That Tickets

Experts in body language have been quick to offer advice to men eager to look sympathetic, when inside they would genuinely struggle to give less of a shit.

“Trying to look like you care when infact it would be impossible to give any less of a shit can be extremely difficult to pull off, ” revealed body language expert Dr David Pixton.

“The secret is to remember how you felt when something really disappointing happened to you and try and harness that emotion.”

Andy Cullen, who has spent the last week studying books on body language is hoping all the hard work will pay off.

“It’s only fair I get it right, because my missus has perfected her disappointed face for when I tell her that Liverpool have lost.”

“Though to be fair, she has had a lot of practise.”