Sony stop production of cassette Walkman, what do you think?

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Sony have announced they have stopped making the cassette version of the record-breaking Walkman product.

The cassette Sony Walkman, which was launched in 1979, was still being produced in Japan until this week, but that has now stopped and global supplies will now being to fall.

We sent our reporters out on to the streets to find out what you thought about the retirement of the grandfather of modern personal music players.

Woman on the Street“They were still making cassette players?  Hang on, is this 1985? It worked! My God it finally worked!”

Enid Jones, Amateur scientist

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Man on the Street“It’s a marketing failure. Cassettes are just as good today as they were twenty years ago.  Or just as bad as they were twenty years ago, depending on how you look at it.”

Dave Albright, Marketing Assistant

Man on the Street“Bollocks. I literally JUST bought one yesterday, this happens every single time I invest in new technology.  You’ll tell me they’re stopping production of the Betamax next.”

Mike Skinner, Tech enthusiast

Woman on the Street“Okay, but the warranty on my 1992 model is still valid, right?”

Delores Williams, Breakdancer