Jeremy Clarkson not allowed within hundred yards of new Ferrari Spastic

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Following an inappropriate joke made by host Jeremy Clarkson, Ferrari have insisted they will not be letting the Top Gear programme review their new ‘Spastic’ model.

Ofcom investigated an incident in which Clarkson referred to the Ferrari F430 Speciale as being ‘special needs’, after two (2) people complained, finding that Clarkson’s comments were ‘capable of causing offence – if you’re a bit touchy about stuff like that’.

The finding read, “It’s a car you see, and therefore can’t have any sort of disability.  Unless it’s made by Toyota.”

The Italian car firm are said to be worried about what jokes Clarkson could possibly make about their latest creation.

A Ferrari spokesperson said, “We have no idea what he’ll say about it.  Probably some horrendous joke about what spastic meant twenty years ago, rather than the elegant beauty of our new car.”

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“He simply can not be trusted around something with Spastic in the name.  He could literally say anything.”

Clarkson’s Ferrari

Fans of the show have said that seeing Jeremy Clarkson poke fun of a car that actually has ‘spastic’ in the name is the very reason television was invented.

However, Ferrari executives have taken out an injunction preventing Clarkson coming within 100 yards of the new vehicle, no matter how good his material is.

“How would he like it if we released the ‘Ferrari horse-faced jeans-wearing mong’? I bet he wouldn’t like that, would he.”

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