Top BNP man suspended for not dressing as Hitler at fancy dress party

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A senior member of The British National Party has been suspended after pictures of him appeared on Facebook attending a fancy dress party not dressed as Adolf Hitler.

Martin Wingfield, who is the party’s chief of finger pointing, shocked other guests when he turned up at the party dressed as Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

“He spotted his mistake early on,” revealed one guest. “He tried to cover it up by telling everyone that he’d come as Hitler on his day off, but no-one was buying it.”

“For starters the moustache was all wrong and I’ve never seen a picture of the Führer dressed in tight trousers and a vest.”

BNP Hitler

BNP leader Nick Griffin, who announced his intention to step down as leader earlier this year to pursue a new career as a fitness guru, took time out from filming his exercise DVD called Griffin’s Goose-step Aerobics, to condemn Mr Wingfield actions.

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“Let there be no doubt that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and a full inquiry into Martin’s actions will be undertaken.”

“We have spent years cultivating a certain reputation amongst the public, and he could have undone all of our hard work with one ill-conceived party joke.”

“The very least that the public expects from the British National Party is for its members to ACHTUNG! ACHTUNG! ENGLANDER PIGDOG! DIVE! DIVE! SCHNELL! SCHNELL!” He confirmed.

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