Toyota announce details of cars they don’t want to recall

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Car manufacturer Toyota have sought to clear up any confusion surrounding the recall of their cars by releasing a list of the two vehicles that definitely do not need to be returned to check for faults.

Toyota have urged all people who are not on the list to take their car to the nearest garage as soon as possible to avoid the risk of careering off the nearest bridge or ploughing through a children’s playground.

A statement issued by the company revealed the cars that do not need to go back are a 1993 Corolla belonging to a Gary Goodright from Chorley and a 2002 Yaris belonging to a Melanie Broadhurst from Durham.

A Toyota spokesman told reporters, “Anyone who is not Gary Goodright or Melanie Broadhurst and owns a Toyota will need to take their car to their nearest Toyota garage as the car they are currently driving around in is a death trap.”

Toyota recall

24 year old Gary Goodright was delighted, if a little surprised, that his car was considered to be one of the safer Toyotas currently on the road.

He said, “The exhaust pipe is held on with the cord from my dad’s dressing gown, there’s a Lidl carrier bag where the passenger side window used to be and the bonnet has a habit of flying open if you go over 40.”

“But other than that, yeah, it runs like a dream.”

However Melanie Broadhurst was less than pleased by the announcement, “Bugger.  It was written off last week when I drove it into a bus stop.”

“No, there was no fault, I’m just not a very good driver.”