Ugly millionaires suddenly happy to marry hot poor people

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The UK Supreme Court has ruled that pre-nuptial agreements are binding, leading to a softening of the marriage stance for millionaires everywhere who are coincidentally dating smoking hot poor people.

German paper company heiress Katrin Radmacher went to the Supreme Court to avoid giving her less-attractive ex any more money, with the court agreeing that in the right case such pre-nuptial agreements can have decisive or compelling weight.

Millionaire Bernie Goldstien told us, “There are only so many excuses for not marrying the smoking hot woman you’ve been dating for years, before she starts to get really suspicious.”

“I’ve used excuses around tax, life insurance, the threat of kidnap and even an allergy to churches – I was getting quite desperate.”

“But thankfully I can now marry her safe in the knowledge she won’t get a penny if I get bored of her – which I will, of course.  I’m a retired millionaire for God’s sake, I bore incredibly easily.”

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Prenutpial agreements

The softening of the marriage stance for millionaires everywhere has been met with almost equal measures of fresh reluctance to marry on the part of incredibly hot, but frightfully poor, people.

23 year-old Brandi Williams told reporters, “Yeah, I’m not so sure I want to marry a fat 65 year-old any more.  I’m not sure why, I just woke up this morning, read the papers in bed, and realised I don’t want to be married to him, I guess I’m perfectly happy living in sin.”

“So long as that sin is surrounded by an eight-bedroom mansion and at least two servants.”

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