Chas and Dave secure clean sweep at MOWOs

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Rockney folk duo Chas and Dave secured a clean sweep at the MOWOs last night, in a ceremony celebrating Music Of White Origin.

The duo won best single for ‘Bangers and Mash guvnor’ and best album for ‘Chas ‘n’ Dave’s Cockney Jamboree Bag Number 3′ at a gathering held in Romford’s community centre, room 4B.

The awards are seen as recognition of the efforts the duo have made in the last thirty years in promoting music of white origin, the mainstay of British popular culture.

Speaking after the awards, Chas of Chas’n’Dave told reporters, “This is a proud moment, right up there with how I felt when I came up with the chorus for Snooker Loopy.”

Organisers paid tribute to the duo, saying, “For thirty years these two have been out there promoting music of white origin, and they deserve every success they had for those couple of years in the late 80’s when they were on tele and that.”


Chas and Dave lost out in only one category, that of the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was given to the Surrey morris dancing troupe, The Merry Prancers.

The organisers continued, “We’d have liked to give that to Chas and Dave too, but then someone pointed out that the Merry Prancers have been promoting music made from from sticks and bells at fetes across Surrey for over fifty years.”

“You just can’t ignore that kind of dedication to promoting white musical culture.  We are sure Chas and Dave undertand.”