Thousands of good luck messages sent to Lady Thatcher’s infection

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After Baroness Margaret Thatcher was admitted to hospital, thousands of well-wishers have passed their good luck messages to the infection currently keeping her bed-ridden.

It is understood she is suffering from the same plucky infection that prevented her attending Downing Street last week to mark her 85th birthday.

Dozen’s of former mining communities have been quick to pass on their best wishes to the infection, at what they are sure is a very difficult time.

Former miner Roy Grimsdale told reporters, “We know how hard it can be for an infection to keep someone hospitalised, but all we ask is that is does its best to hang on in there.”

“It has the support of hundreds of thousands in the former mining and manufacturing communities, and I assure you that it is in our thoughts almost every moment of every day.”

Baroness Thatcher hospitalised

Former pitworkers near Rotheram are planning a candlelit 24-hour vigil in support of the infection at this, its darkest hour.

Surrounded by placards bearing good luck messages such as ‘keep going, you’re nearly there’ and ‘one last push!’ one attendee told us, “It’s just so unfair that such a tiny little infection has to go up against the might of modern medicine all on its own.”

“If only there was something we could do to help, I just feel so helpless sat here with my fingers crossed whilst planning this street party.”