Playing video games increases awareness of playing video games, finds study

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A study intended to show that teenage boys who play violent video games are more likely to turn into murderous psychopaths, has infact shown that the more they play video games, the more they realise they are just playing video games.

The study found that the longer the boys watched videos containing make believe violence, particularly the mild or moderate ones, the more the realised they were watching videos with make believe violence.

One triumphant teenager, who managed to complete the latest Medal of Honour game without killing any real soldiers or joining the Taliban said, “The more I got into the game, the more I realised that it was just a game and I wasn’t controlling any real soldiers and no-one was actually dying.”

“No, at no point have I felt capable of slaughtering everyone within a 5 mile radius thanks to my new found computer game skills. I just fancy a milkshake, really.”

Violent computer games

Other participants in the study were also left with less than murderous intent after playing violent video games.

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16 year-old James Williams told us, “I realised the game wasn’t real when I noticed I was watching the tv in my bedroom, and all of the action in front of me was dictated by the buttons I pressed on my controller.”

“No, I don’t think I could recreate any scenes from the game, even if I tried.”

“Unless you know anyone in Norwich that can sort me out with a rocket launcher that works with careful manipulation of four coloured buttons?”