David Moyes fury over Fellaini International duty afro strain injury

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Everton boss David Moyes has reiterated his displeasure to the Belgian authorities after midfielder Marouane Fellaini was ruled out for six weeks after suffering an afro strain whilst on International duty.

Fellaini’s hair limped off after 81 minutes of the match against Austria, after suffering a barrage of assaults in a game which ended 4-4.

An angry David Moyes told reporters, “I saw him take a knock to the afro early on, and hoped they’d take him off straight away, but they didn’t and now we’ll be without his flowing locks for six weeks.”

“I’ve long said the Belgians don’t have the medical facilities needed to care for such a fine head of hair, and unfortunately I’ve been proven right with this latest incident.”

“Once again the cost of bringing back his luscious locks to their former glory will be born by Everton football club.  It’s a disgrace.”

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Fellaini Injury

Rumours are circulating that Fellaini told manager Georges Leekens that he was struggling with his hair at half-time, but was told to play on.

A Belgian team insider said, “Marouane sat in the corner at half time looking like a big wet dog, insisting his hair had ‘had it’ – but the gaffer insisted he get back out there and ring every last bit of life out of his afro.”

“He did as he was asked, but it seems it’ll now take six weeks of intense conditioning before we see him gracing the premier league once more.”

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