£1 still way too much for a James Blunt album, claim music buyers

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Former Warner music executive Rob Dickins has said that albums should cost only £1, but music fans everywhere have insisted this would still leave James Blunt’s latest turgid excretion vastly overpriced.

Mr Dickins said the music industry was in need of a ‘radical shake-up’ now that he is no longer personally benefiting from rampant over-pricing.

He told The City music conference in Manchester, “If the industry is to survive then we need music lovers buying music on impulse, without thinking about it, before they realise just how bad Simon Cowell’s latest saccharine creation actually is.”

However the paying public have said that it doesn’t matter how much it costs, they are still not going to pay real cash money for anything created by James Blunt.

One music lover told us, “People might say that £1 is a fair recompense for the time and effort Mr Blunt has spent on making his album, but I would say those people are fucking idiots.”

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£1 albums

The one pound price tag has done little to create a desire to own the James Blunt catalogue among the music loving population.

Another told us, “Visit any poundland store and you’ll see thousands of products worth a pound, each of which adds significantly more to the lives of their owners than a James Blunt album.  And I include the pack of coat hangers in that.”

“I wouldn’t pay real money for anything he wrote, produced, or sang on.  Though I would happily download a copy illegally.”

“But just so I could burn it to a CD before destroying it with a hammer.  It’s very therapeutic, you should try it.”

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