I’d definitely take Google’s driverless car over lift from my girlfriend, say men everywhere

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After Google announced successful first tests of its driverless car, men everywhere have said they would rather get a lift to the pub from a vehicle which appears to be bewitched than be driven again by their girlfriend in her Vauxhall Nova.

The cars use video cameras mounted on the roof, radar sensors and a laser range finder to “see” other traffic, and does not insist on telling you what Katie said about that new bloke she’s been seeing from down the road.

Mike Williams, 27, said he’d be perfectly happy to get a lift from the new driverless car, as long as it didn’t insist on giving him a list of reasons why he’s not as good as the car’s friend’s new boyfriend..

“I know it sounds a bit risky, but I’d honestly rather be driven through speeding traffic by something that was probably built on Windows XP than have to listen to a sales pitch about a weekend at her mother’s.”

“I also imagine it’s much easier to relax and sit in the back seat without a driver, than it is to sit alongside one who is so entirely oblivious of everything around them.”

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Google Driverless Car

As well as being entirely nag-free, the driverless car has already shown itself to be 75% better at parking than it’s female human counterpart.

Williams continued, “Well, that’s not too difficult to be honest.”

“You could point the car down my street and then turn it off before letting it come to rest wherever it wanted, and it would still be better parked than my missus’ Nova.”

“It might not be able to ‘see’ the lines, but as least it doesn’t appear to be deliberately ignoring them.”

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