Why should we pay more for car insurance, complain idiots who cause most accidents

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17 to 22-year-olds have reacted with anger to the news that premiums for their car insurance have risen on average by 47% in a year as a result of them insisting on driving like complete arseholes, all of the time.

Young male drivers are paying the most, with the average of the three cheapest quotes they get being £2,457, with many calling the cost of the insurance they pay as a “daylight robbery”

“The cost of insurance is crazy!” blasted Ryan Bird, a 20-year-old heating engineer from Middlesex.

“If I pay that much for my insurance then how am I expected to buy the spoilers, alloys, over-sized exhaust pipes and 24 inch rims that I need to make my Fiesta look the shizzle?”

“Plus, driving everywhere in second gear to give my engine that distinctive ‘oopmh’ makes petrol consumption an issue too.  We’re being punished on all sides.”

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Car Insurance

Simon Douglas, director of insurance at the AA revealed that young men are significantly more likely to be involved in expensive accidents than people who don’t think that The Fast and the Furious is a driving theory test.

“The answer could be to provide them with extra guidance and awareness when taking driving lessons, or maybe driving tests should be more difficult.”

“We should also make them aware that driving in a car that is playing Club Mong 32. Ibiza Mash-up, at 3000 decibels on their ludicously large car stereo system can make it a bit more difficult to concentrate on the tree that’s hurtling towards them at high speed.”

Insurance broker Simon Angler told us, “We’ve been left with no choice but to raise premiums by 47% – myself and my colleagues are literally desititute.  Look around and you’ll see there are homeless insurance brokers on every street corner.”

“Yeah, okay, we didn’t think you’d fall for that one either.”

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