Banksy to create new Eastenders title sequence

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UK graffiti artist Banksy is to create a controversial title sequence for the long-running UK soap Eastenders, which will aim to highlight the misery it brings to millions of people among the viewing public.

Following the success of his title sequence for The Simpsons, Banksy – well known for his socially aware street art – is keen to bring his unique talents to Albert Square in the hope of drawing attention to the suffering it is responsible for introducing across the country and beyond.

A spokesperson for Banksy said, “He has long felt the need to use street-art and humour to bring truth and justice to socially and morally reprehensible activities. Eastenders seemed like the logical next step in our artistic evolution.”

“We’re thinking of something showing everyone in the Queen Vic drinking a pint of Prozac whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent through deadened bleary eyes.”

“Or maybe a mural outside the laundrette with Dot hanging up a series of shit-smeared sheets.  Something like that, anyway.”

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Banksy title sequence

Long-time viewers of the soap have reacted positively to the news, saying it’s the perfect opportunity to show them exactly what it is that they do for about three hours a week.

“I’m excited at the prospect, obviously.  Banksy is a talented social commentator, so I can’t wait to see what he says about people like me, and the people in the show.”

“I’m not one for telling people how to do their jobs, but a picture of a neanderthal man holding a wrench, but with the face of Phil Mitchell would be just lovely.”

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