Dinner lady accused of grooming, what do you think?

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A County Fermanagh school has been criticised after warning a dinner lady who gave a child a biscuit that she could be seen to be ‘grooming’ the boy.

The woman was told by the acting principal that under the Child Protection Act, she could be seen to be grooming the boy after arranging for him to be given a biscuit.

The catering supervisor, who was a relative of the child, then had to attend three meetings, firstly with the acting principal then two with the school principal.

We sent our reporters onto the street to find out what you thought about dinner ladies who give biscuits to kids being accused of ‘grooming’.

Woman on the Street“I’ve been groomed loads of times, and trust me, it didn’t start with biscuits.  Call me when she comes to school with a box of puppies.”

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Sheila Williams, Administrator

Man on the Street“So if I want to groom a kid, I should start with biscuits because it won’t arouse any suspicion? Duly noted.”

Mike Willow, Dog Groomer

Man on the Street“Don’t talk to me about school and biscuits – soggy or otherwise. I still have flashbacks”

Dave Joiner, public school boy

Woman on the Street“Grooming? What the hell is that? It sounds to me like she was trying to fuck them.

Doris McDonald, Grandmother

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