Facebook unveils new way to group people you wouldn’t be seen dead with in real life

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Social networking giant Facebook has unveiled a new ‘Groups’ feature which will allow people to specify groups of online friends with whom they would not be seen dead in public.

The new feature will allow users form online havens around a discreet circle of cliquey people – just as they do in the real world – finally allowing them to be as despised in the virtual world as they are in the real one.

Technology correspondent Greg Mayber told us, “People tend to focus of the privacy and security issues within Facebook, when in reality the biggest problem for users was what to do with all those ‘friends’ that you’ve met once at a party, or sat near to at school, and have absolutely no intention of ever seeing ever again.”

“A simple de-friending often seemed a little rude, but now you can tuck them away in a group called ‘losers’ and never pay them another moments thought.”

Facebook Groups

Users have expressed delight at the new feature, which they claim almost makes up for Facebook telling everyone everything about them, all of the time.

Long-time Facebook user Graham Knowles said, “It’s been a problem for years – I’d post an updated or a photo, and some moron from my distant past would comment on it like we were both twelve.  It’s embarrassing.”

“Now I can tuck him away in that dark new place Facebook has invented and he’ll never see anything I do ever again.  But he’ll think we’re still friends. Which is kind of nice, for him.”

Perpetual Farmville user Sharon Williams said, “I think they’ve introduced this feature one day too late actually, because it seems that all my friends have stopped using Facebook this morning.  Not one single update from any of them.  Nada.”

“Which is a shame as I was going to send them all a link to my new Farmville barn.  Want to see it? It’s a doozie.”