Fans’ fury as X-Factor reject Gamu denied Nobel Prize for Physics

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Fans of singing sensation Gamu Nhengu, already furious that she was overlooked for a spot in the next stage of the X-Factor because she didn’t cry enough, have become incandescent with rage after it emerged that the 18 year-old Zimbabwean has not been nominated for this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics.

“It’s a travesty of justice,” complained self-styled ‘Gamumaniac’ Terry Marsh, founder of the ‘Gampaign for Gam’ Facebook page.

“First Cheryl Cole snubs her, and now the Nobel Foundation is doing the same – it’s just not on.  They’ll be telling us next that she’s not eligible for child benefits – c’mon folks, give the poor girl a break!”

Supporters have vowed to boycott this year’s award ceremony after Nhengu was cruelly overlooked for the Nobel Prize for Physics in favour of Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of Manchester University and their research on atom-thick super-material graphene.

“Yeah, so their breakthrough could lead to the manufacture of innovative electronics,” admitted Marsh, “but would their rendition of Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ make Louis Walsh blub like a baby?  I think not!”

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X Factor’s Gamu

Friends and well-wishers are continuing to rally round the stricken 18 year-old Zimbabwean, who is still said to be reeling from the fact that she lost out to Cardinal Newman in His Holiness the Pope’s latest round of beatification.

Cheryl Cole, the X-Factor judge responsible for Gamu’s exit from the show and recent appointee to the Nobel Prize nomination panel, made herself available for comment today, but no-one could really understand what she was saying: ‘something about Gamu not being ‘wooorth it’ I think’ reported one mystified Fleet Street journalist.

Undeterred, Nhengu is said to already be in preparation for next year’s contest, where, in conjunction with other talent show hopefuls, she will perform a detailed scientific study designed to revolutionise the generation of solar power by proving once and for all whether the sun really does shine out of Simon Cowell’s backside.