You almost certainly won’t get relegated, Liverpool fans reassured

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Liverpool fans are this morning breathing a little easier after a number of football experts suggested they are probably a little too good to be relegated this season, all things considered.

Despite sitting in the relegation zone as the season moves into October, many experts are predicting that the current side is easily capable of lifting themselves two or three places higher in the league.

Sky Sports’ Andy Gray said, “If you look at that Liverpool team, and the way they’re performing at the moment, you have to say that they are easily capable of finshing 15th or 14th.”

“Should they turn their form around then there is absolutely no reason they shouldn’t aim for the top 12.  They’re certainly good enough to get that far up the league.”

Liverpool relegation battle

The reassurances also came thick and fast, with the regular team from Match of the Day next to offer reassurance to those on Merseyside.

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Gary Lineker told viewers, “I’m not saying they definitely won’t go down – as I might look a bit silly come May, but given a few months of solid performances I’m sure they’ve got more than enough to drag themselves out of the bottom three.”

“Players like Ngog, Kyrgiakos, and Lucas are comfortably mid-table quality – and definitely capable of playing at a level two or three places above the position they find themselves in today.”

“Though to be honest it doesn’t help that the ‘pool with best Anfield record this season is Blackpool.”

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