Obese workers forced to clock out for cake breaks

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Breckland Council in Norfolk is to force obese workers to clock out in order to take a cake break in an attempt to make them work the same number of hours as slim workers.

The Council said the move will affect all 280 members of staff, from managers to office workers, and fat people would be expected to make up any lost hours taken up snacking on delicious treats.

However the pro-cake lobby have called the move the ‘tyranny of the majority’ and say the policy is deliberate discrimination against people who choose to keep eating even when they are obviously full of food.

A spokesperson said, “There are a lot of non-cake eaters taking long coffee breaks, browsing non-work internet sites and taking personal calls so I don’t see why cake eaters should be picked on.”

Clocking off

William Nunn, Conservative leader of Breckland Council, said the policy had been suggested after consulting staff over the eating habits of cake lovers among the workforce.

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He said, “It came about because the staff themselves felt there was an issue of fairness going on, where some people went out for a cake, or a pie, or some other delicious savoury snack, and some didn’t.”

“Many cake-lovers agreed with the proposal because they felt it would end any animosity towards them from non-greedy staff who continue to be disgusted by them and their kind.”

A non cake-eating staff member commended the move saying, “I don’t see why I should work longer than them just because I don’t eat until I physically can’t put any more food in my stomach.”

“They know it’s unhealthy, and yet they continue to do it, but it’s about time us non-cake eaters stopped subsidising them to do so.”

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