Engineers take ‘Flying Segway’ back to the drawing board

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Engineers leading the programme to develop the first flying segway have admitted they must return to the drawing board after their first prototype saw the UK Segway boss tragically plummet to his death.

Jimi Heselden, 62, crashed into the River Wharfe while riding the prototype vehicle round his Yorkshire estate on Sunday.

A leading Segway developer said, “We see the flying segway as the perfect way to remove the stigma of our devices being terminally uncool, and used only by the ridiculously lazy.”

“It would have been a bit like the hoverboards in Back To The Future 2, only without the need to push yourself with your leg.  And it was meant to work over water.”

“To be honest we wanted to use dummies on the first test, but the boss loved nothing better than pootling around in near silence at speeds of up to 12mph.”

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Flying Segway

Upon hearing about the tragedy safety campaigners have called for new rules to stop bored millionaires being allowed to play with toys that fly.

One told reporters, “It’s like those blokes who think they’ve invented a new way to fly.  Why test your strange contraption from the roof of a tall building?  Why not test it by leaping up from ground level, and work your way up from there?”

“That said, maybe we should first look at integrating some GPS functionality to the Segway? Nothing too intrusive, just the odd warning like ‘you are about to drive over a cliff’ – that sort of thing.”

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