Blackberry urged to improve speed at which they copy Apple

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Blackberry users have this morning urged manufacturer RIM to improve the speed at which they copy Apple after the firm announced their own PlayBook tablet device, a whole six months after the iPad was released.

The PlayBook is a 7 inch tablet which Blackberry claim is the answer to that thing they hadn’t thought of until Apple released their own version in March this year.

A Blackberry spokesperson, “We’re delighted with the PlayBook, and we definitely see ourselves as the leading technology firm when it comes to taking an idea by Apple and releasing something a bit similar about half a year later.”

“We will do everything in our power to offer our customers just enough new technology so they won’t feel the need to leave us for a company which insists on prefixing every product with an ‘i’.”

Blackberry PlayBook

However Blackberry consumers are less than impressed by the new release, insisting that six months is simply too long to wait for a copy of an Apple idea in today’s tech savvie world.

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Blackberry user Shane Meadows told reporters, “It looks nice, but I want a device which has been put together just a couple of months after Apple release their new idea.”

“When I see Apple launch a new product, I want the confidence that my chosen technology provider will have some sort of imitation device available to me in a few weeks.  Not six months.”

“This has been simply too long to wait for a device which copies almost entirely a concept introduced by another technology firm.”

“I’d consider moving across to an iPhone, but I don’t think I could resist the urge to become one of those annoying pricks that spends all day demonstrating it to everyone they meet.”