Lord Ashcroft accused of acting like Lord Ashcroft

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Conservative party deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft has been accused of acting like Lord Ashcroft after avoiding millions of pounds of tax despite promising to become a full UK taxpayer.

The Conservative peer transferred ownership of his main UK company, the Impellam Group, to a trust for the benefit of his children just one day before it would have incurred a multi-million pound tax liability under new rules for people sitting in the House of Lords.

As one tax payer said, “When I heard it on the news I thought, man, that’s just the sort of thing Lord Ashcroft would do, before I realised it was Lord Ashcroft doing it.”

“Has Lord Ashcroft really learned absolutely nothing from the previous behaviour of Lord Ashcroft?”

“It seems like he only agreed to the new tax regime for members of the House of Lords because he’d found a way to get around of the new rules.”

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“It’s sneaky, but you have to admire his steely determination to keep hold of every single penny of his millions.”

Lord Ashcroft

Lord Ashcroft is expected to resign from his position at the Conservative party after close friends admitted he has finally realised he loves all of his money more than the idea of being in a position of power and giving up some of his money.

A close friend said, “He previously had an excuse for avoiding UK tax by saying that the Labour government was going to waste his money, but now he’s pretty much buggered, short of admitting what everyone already knows – that George Osborne is a simpleton.”

“I guess it’s time he just came out and admitted that he really, really loves his money and doesn’t want to give any of it to the taxman.”

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