Rich students have more money than poor students, finds survey

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A survey carried out by Leicester University has reached the startling conclusion that teenagers from poorer families are more likely to be deterred by a tuition fee increase than people from more affluent families.

The research, which has shocked the nation into realising that if you have more money than someone else you will be able to use that money to buy things that poorer people can’t afford, comes a month before Lord Browne delivers his report on university funding

“I think it’s disgraceful,” fumed one teenager currently considering his university options.

“It never occurred to be that not having the required amount of cash to cover an increase in fees would leave me in a situation where I couldn’t afford it.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without this research. I might have ended up not being able to pay money I haven’t got without even realising it.”

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University fees

Despite the extraordinary revelation that increasing fees would disadvantage those from poorer families, some potential students weren’t in the least bit concerned.

“If I don’t have to pay it straight away then it’s not like real money,” explained 16 year-old Stuart Lusty.

“Yes, ten thousand pounds in tuition fees, plus the additional thousands in living costs could leave me in substantial debt when I leave university.”

“But that’s at least three years away. That’s like, forever.”