Student sues university after lectures ruin university ‘experience’

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A Northern Irish student is suing his university after they infringed on his human rights by making him attend lectures in order to acquire his eventual degree.

Andrew Croskery, from County Down, applied for a judicial review after Queen’s University in Belfast refused to give him better than a 2:2 unless he started going to lectures and doing some work on his own time.

Croskery told reporters, “I’m not here to read books and listen to old people in cardigans talk at me.  I’m here to drink copiously and find as many promiscuous women as is humanly possible.”

“And yet the University has taken the decision not to award me a 2:1 classification in my degree.  It’s a blatant infringement on my human rights.  Or something.  No, it wasn’t a law degree I was after, why?”

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Croskery has claimed the University had insisted he maintain an unsustainable academic schedule in order to achieve his desired 2:1 degree.

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“They wanted me to attend fifteen hours of lectures every week.  FIFTEEN! It was inhumane. I didn’t pay all that money to be treated like some sort of slave who sits around listening and reading.”

“How can I be expected to enjoy a full university social life when my academic schedule is so time consuming?”

“Now, just because I chose to focus on the social side of my academic career they are claiming I am not entitled to more than a 2:2.  I am delighted that this case will break new legal ground for study-shy students everywhere.”

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