I could play Freddie Mercury, claims Allardyce

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Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce has continued his extraordinary public breakdown by insisting he is the perfect candidate to play Freddie Mercury in an upcoming film about Queen.

Allardyce, who left the world of football open-mouthed in disbelief on Friday when he claimed that he could manage Real Madrid despite presiding over a style of play that is the footballing equivalent of a backstreet abortion, has issued a come and get me plea to Brian May and Roger Taylor, who are overseeing the project.

“Much like me, Freddie was a man’s man,” said Allardyce. “He was a performer, a showman. Why do you think twenty odd thousand people come to Ewood Park every other week?”

“It sure as shit isn’t for the football, I can guarantee you that. They come to see me strutting around the technical area in the same way that Freddie used to strut around the stage.”

Queen Movie

Allardyce has urged May and Taylor to reconsider the decision to cast Sacha Baron Cohen in the role of Freddie Mercury, something he considers would be a huge mistake.

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“Sacha is a Girl’s name for starters,” He insisted. “It would be an insult to Freddie’s memory.”

“There’s only two people on this Earth who could exude the required high levels of masculinity to do Freddie’s memory justice. One’s me, the other’s Tom Selleck.”

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