Anger as David Cameron placed in 10,000 highest earning public sector workers

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Tax payers everywhere have reacted angrily to the news that Prime Minister David Cameron is among the ten thousand highest earning public sector workers.

Figures reveal that his salary of £142,500 puts him at 9,188 on the list of the government’s top earners, earning more than 99.9% of all civil servants.

Shelley Williams, a tax payer from Swanage explained, “There are 6 million public sector workers, and you’re telling me that he gets paid more than 5,991,000 of them?  That’s disgusting.”

“I’m still not sure what it is that he actually does for a living?”

“I know what a teacher does, what a nurse does, or even what the bin man does.  But all I see him doing is telling everyone to spend less money – is that it? Really?”

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“I really don’t want to know what George Osborne earns, because this shirt is clean on this morning and I’m quite sure that learning his salary will lead to me instantly vomiting up all over it.”

Pubic sector pay

The government has responded by pointing out that there are many public sector workers earning more than the prime minister, with BBC Director General Mark Thompson earning £668,000.

However Ms Williams continued, “That’s fine, because the BBC gave us Gavin & Stacey.  All I ever hear from the government is ‘big society’ this, and ‘you’re going to get less money’ that.”

“And anyway, that argument is a bit like saying ‘it’s ok that I ate three babies, because that guy over there ate seven babies’.”

“No-one should be eating babies.  Ok?”