Pope sets new Godwin’s Law world record

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The Pope has set a new world record for the invocation of Godwin’s Law by using his opening address in the UK to liken the country’s secular community to the Nazis.

Godwin’s Law states that as an Internet conversation grows longer, the probability of someone making a comparison with the Nazis or Hitler approaches 1, however the Pope decided to jump straight in with both feet during yesterday’s speech.

The Pope explained that the the UK should be wary of growing militant atheism, because the Nazis were atheists too, before concluding that all atheists must be Nazis.

As one attendee at the Pope’s address told us, “We thought he would at least use an interesting Hitler anecdote, you know, ‘this one time at Nazi camp, Hitler said..’, but no – he invoked Godwin’s Law using a barely concealed boring old simile.”

“To be honest, for someone with his Nazi background I expected something much better.”

Pope Nazi

The Pope’s new world record has broken the previous record of two exchanges on an Internet messageboard discussing a potential change to the theme tune to The Archers.

Internet expert Dwight Schultz told us, “Generally speaking Godwin’s Law involves a provocation and a response, but the Pope has taken it to a whole new level by using his opening gambit to mention the Nazis.”

“It makes perfect sense when you think about it.  Why wait for someone to mention his past in the Hitler Youth if he can get in there first and call all the non-believers a Nazi?”

“You know, for an old man dressed a bit like Vegas Elvis, he’s quite clever.”