FIFA to investigate claims of a fake Aston Villa team versus Newcastle

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FIFA is to investigate allegations that a fake Aston Villa team played in a premier league fixture against Newcastle at the end of last month, a match which surprisingly ended 6-0 to the home side.

Newcastle won the match 6-0, but said they were surprised by the poor quality of the Villa team, which they had expected to provide a much sterner test.

An Aston Villa spokesperson later said that the club had not sent a team to play in the game, staged at St James’ Park in Newcastle on 22nd August, claiming that they were not even aware there was a fixture.

A Premier League spokesperson told reporters,  “Everything seemed to be in order until after the game, when we began to hear that some people were wondering about these players and this Villa team.”

“They looked a lot like an Aston Villa team, they even had the proper kit and everything.  But they appeared to lack the fundamental footballing ability you would expect from professional players.  It was almost like someone had thrown together eleven strangers in an attempt to sell a few tickets to this particular match.”

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Fake Aston Villa

Newcastle manager Chris Houghton told reporters that the match had been a wasted opportunity for his team to practise before continuing their Premiership campaign against real teams.

“They were useless, and gave us an inflated view of how good we really were,” he said.

“We supposedly beat the team that finished 6th in the leage by six clear goals, and Andy Carroll scored a hat-trick.  Then we get beaten two-nil at home by Blackpool.  I think that’s all the evidence you need to see when you’re looking at whether this was a fake Aston Villa team or not.”

“To be honest, I should have said something when this Aston Villa ‘team’ fielded a right-back at right-back, because as everyone in football knows, that is not the Aston Villa way.”