People prefer having sex to talking about it, discover researchers

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Oxford University researchers have discovered that the lure of copious amounts of sex that comes with a new relationship can cause people to spend less time sitting in the pub with their friends talking about it.

The study, carried out by a group led by Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary anthropology at Oxford, has revealed that a person’s inner core of friendship dropped on average by two when a new lover started having sex with them.

Professor Dunbar explained, “We questioned 540 people about what impact a new relationship had upon their circle of friends and it soon became clear that talking isn’t as popular as having sex.”

“Given the choice of real proper sexual intercourse with another person, or meeting up with a friend and spending a couple of hours listening to them going on about how they haven’t had any in ages, or how their ex ran off with some git who works in Argos, real sex was the clear winner.”

Sex preference

The news has come as a shock to those people who do not have sex, with many arguing that their conversation is extremely stimulating.

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However, some of the people that were questioned did reveal that having a new relationship didn’t impact on their friendships at all.

One such respondent revealed, “It’s not really a problem for me. If I’m having sex with my new girlfriend then I let my mates hide in the cupboard.”

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