Children need to learn basic hangover first aid, finds survey

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Children should learn first aid skills to help friends and relatives who become dangerously hungover, the British Red Cross has said.

Its survey of 2,500 11 to 16-year-olds found 10% had been left with a hungover friend who was sick, and 14% said they had been in an hangover-related emergency with a parent.

It also found that most children lack the necessary skills to prepare even the most rudimentary Bloody Mary, with many completely unaware of the need for utter silence for those suffering a hangover.

Joe Mulligan, from the British Red Cross, said, “Many of today’s children have vast experience of dealing with high levels of alcohol consumption, whether it be themselves, friends, or watching their parents drink themselves into oblivion at home.”

“But very few know how to handle someone who is trying to recover from a hangover, and in an ideal world they wouldn’t need to, but we feel they should all know the basics.”

Charity DrinkAware has backed the calls, saying that parents should sit their children down and make sure they know what to do in the case of a blinding hangover.

A spokesperson said, “Every child should know the basics. Does your child know where you keep the Ibuprofen? Do they know the best excuses to use when calling your boss to say you’re not coming in?”

“Will they pick the correct bowl for you to vomit in? But most of all do they know how to make that cure your Grandad told you about, the one that is essentially a glass of Whiskey and an egg?”